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A Marketing Challenge

by Ruth Folger Weiss on May 27th, 2011

Ad Lib Unlimited recently faced a marketing challenge of how to stand out in a vertical health care market. Ad Lib was presented with the daunting task of creating uniquely different displays and collateral material to be used at events like The HCC Conference and Trade Show and the HCA Annual Conference. Most of the companies participating in the events used traditional designs with typical stock photography in their displays. Mobile Health Management Services stood out in the crowd of health care and home care professionals with their innovative displays and trailblazing presentation. Mobile Health is a provider of health and wellness services for Employers and Individuals throughout the New York area. The Vitruvian Man, a world-renowned drawing created by Leonardo da Vinci, was used as the linchpin of the branding campaign for Mobile Health. Da Vinci’s careful attention to detail represents the paradigm of health and model of excellence exhibited by Mobile Health. “It’s all in the details” and “because leaving ‘Well-Enough Alone’ is never an option” were the slogans developed by Ad Lib to drive the point home.

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