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The “Light” Goes On…Because We WORK at It!

by Ruth Folger Weiss on March 12th, 2012

To all who considered those of us in Advertising, “Lightweights”, I say, “hurray” to The Wall Street Journal for featuring its lead Saturday Review article on Creativity.  For too long, conventional wisdom assumed that the twain never met between the cerebral and the “dabblers”; those who sweat minutiae and the balladeer, the “aha!” persona with the guys whose nose so closely touched the grindstone. No longer!

Creativity is a spark that anyone can grasp, but few are adept at harnessing. The key is to let go of one’s preconceived notions and fear of failure, to gather an array of “diverse experiences” and to connect the dots. It isn’t the glib approach that makes an advertising campaign successful, but rather a deft integration of market forces, demographics, and the cross pollination of disparate trends and realities that are the common denominator of Ad Lib Unlimited’s successful and innovative advertising campaigns.

Yes, we creatives think “different”, to quote Steve Jobs,; and we work assiduously at it! We’re gatherers of information who  remarkably restructure the molecules into completely new beings. The creatives are the builders, not just the designers… and now, we are no longer any oxymoron with the aficionados who assumed we had no place in the likes of The Wall St. Journal.

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